University of Washington

OVERVIEW University of Washington is a large public university. The university enrolls both undergraduate and postgraduate students, In 2012, the number of its undergraduates has reached 30,790 while the number of its postgraduates has reached 12,177. University of Washington was founded in the year of 1861, which means it is one of the oldest universities […]

University of Maryland

OVERVIEW University of Maryland, College Park is known as a public university. This university is considered to be a flagship college, which belongs to the University System of Maryland. It is also seen as a public Ivy Institution, enjoy a good reputation nationwide. The college has enrolled 26,876 undergraduate students and 10,719 postgraduates in total. […]

University of Arizona

OVERVIEW University of Arizona is a public institution, also known as a space-grant public university for higher education. This university enrolls both undergraduate students and postgraduate students. In 2012, the number of its undergraduate enrollment has reached 30,592, while its postgraduate enrollment has reached 8,421. UA is founded in the year of 1885, making it […]

Liberty University

OVERVIEW Liberty University is a private university. It is also the largest evangelical Christian university. There are nearly 12,500 students admitted to this university in total every year. Not only do this university enroll residential students, but also it recruits students for its online programs. Students can study either on campus or via the internet. […]

Iowa State University

OVERVIEW Iowa State University is a public university that enrolls both undergraduate students and postgraduate students. The university was once known as the Iowa State University of Science and Technology, which now is considered to be a flagship university. It has enrolled 23,104 undergraduate students this year. The university was established in the year of […]

Howard University

OVERVIEW Howard University is one of the private institutions in the country. It is also known as an authorized research university. The university enrolls both undergraduate students and post graduates. So far, it has a total undergraduate enrollment of 7,147, not include the post graduates. Howard University was established in the year of 1867. The […]

Ashford University

OVERVIEW Ashford University is known as a private, for-profit university, which is also considered as a proprietary institution. Its parent company, which is also its main sponsor, is the Bridgepoint Education. The university has enrolled 57,254 undergraduate students in total, offering them classes both on campus and over the Internet. Ashford also recruits graduate students […]

Emory University

OVERVIEW Emory University is a private research university based in Atlanta. With over 7,000 undergraduates, over 6,000 postgraduates and nearly 3,000 faculty members, this university is now a famous one enjoying world reputation. It was named one of its 25 “New Ivies” by Newsweek in 2006, which makes it a rather selective one with a […]

Drexel University

OVERVIEW Drexel University is a private research university based in Pennsylvania. It is best known for its cooperative education program, which is also one of the best co-op programs in the United States. Having over 12,000 undergraduates, over 7,000 postgraduates and more than 2,000 full and part-time academic staff, this university is among the top […]

Culinary Institute of America

OVERVIEW Culinary Institute of America is a non-profit private culinary college based in New York. This academic institution does not have graduate schools. According to data of the year 2012, it has 2,785 undergraduates pursuing associate and bachelor’s degrees. Culinary Institute of America also offers continuing education in the areas of hospitality industry as well […]

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