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Education Is Important

Education is important. Today, employers put more focus on education than ever before. It is basically true that the more you learn, the more you earn. Besides career, education also has a huge impact on the overall quality of everyday life.

College Admission Used to Be Simple, but Not Any More

With the growing importance of education, college admission becomes both increasingly competitive and increasingly complex. Parents want the best for their kids, yet it is never easy to tell which is the best. College rankings seem to be reliable, but what fits one student does not necessarily fit the other. With so many colleges to choose from, and so many factors to take into account, parents and students are overwhelmed. Even after you have been enrolled into your dream college, things are not far from over. The heavy economic burden of college education eats many families alive. What is the way out? How to do it right?

Our Vision & Solution

As parents, we feel the pain as you do. That is why we spent thousands of hours to build this website, to help thousands of parents and students, to find their best fit, to apply well, to pay the bill wisely. In a nutshell, our website provides:

  • A series of 20 carefully-written articles, covering only the most important aspects of college admission, clarifying myths and facts.
  • Accurate and detailed profiles of hundreds of colleges, revealing key data.
  • A free consulting service, in which personalized best-fit colleges are hand-picked by college admission experts.
  • Another free consulting service, in which you are welcome to ask the experts any question regarding college admission.

Our Team

Every member of our team is a parent with at least one kid already applied for college. We believe our first-hand experience (although painful) is the best motivation for us to do a good job. We aim high, and we have excellent human resources to support our vision. We have:

  • 5 college admission experts, all with over 15 years of experience in the field, who are responsible for our consulting service.
  • 9 editors, who are responsible for collecting, verifying, and sorting out key data of all popular colleges across United States and Canada.
  • 3 software engineers, who are responsible for the technical side of website development and maintenance.
  • 2 customer representatives, who are truly the envy of the team, because they can hear directly for you, our dear visitors.
  • 1 designer, who are responsible for the graphic outlook and the ease of use of the website.

Truly yours,
All Universities Today Team Members

About Us

Universities Today is a website dedicated to help you find your best fit colleges, apply well, and pay the bill easily. We work hard to meet all your needs in college admission.
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