Arizona State University

OVERVIEW Arizona State University is a public research university in the United States. Enrolling 72,254 students in 2011, it is the largest public university in the United States by enrollment. At the same time, it is also the university with the largest undergraduate students both in Arizona and in the United States. The university was […]

American University

OVERVIEW American University is a private liberal arts and research university in the United States. Located in Washington, D.C., it is a member of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area, with an enrollment of about 6,028 undergraduates and 3,912 postgraduates at present. The university was chartered by an Act of Congress in […]

University of Cincinnati

OVERVIEW The University of Cincinnati, often referred to as Cincinnati or UC, is a public research university in the United States. With an annual enrollment of more than 40,000 students, it is the second largest university in Ohio, and one of the largest universities in the States. It is a member of the University System […]

Walden University

OVERVIEW Walden University is a private higher education institution in the United States. As a university owned by Laureate Education Inc., it has an enrollment of more than 47,400 students now, with relationships with a range of well-known organizations including UNICEF, YMCA of the USA, and Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The university […]

Nova Southeastern University

OVERVIEW Nova Southeastern University, often referred to as Nova or NSU, is a private university in the United States. With about 28,796 students, it is the largest independent higher education institution in the southeastern United States, and the seventh largest not-for-profit independent institution of higher education in the States. NSU was founded in 1964 as […]

Capella University

OVERVIEW Capella University is a private co-education university in the United States. Owned by the Capella Education Company, the university has an enrollment of 37,553 students from all 50 states and about 60 other countries, offering 143 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 17 certificate programs with over 1690 online courses. Capella University was established in […]

Middlebury College

OVERVIEW Middlebury College is a private liberal arts college in US. With about 2,507 undergraduates at present, Middlebury also offers undergraduate and graduate programs in English literature, writing, and modern languages in addition to its core undergraduate program. Besides, it is the first higher education institution in the United States which granted a bachelor’s degree […]

University of Washington

OVERVIEW University of Washington is a large public university. The university enrolls both undergraduate and postgraduate students, In 2012, the number of its undergraduates has reached 30,790 while the number of its postgraduates has reached 12,177. University of Washington was founded in the year of 1861, which means it is one of the oldest universities […]

University of Maryland

OVERVIEW University of Maryland, College Park is known as a public university. This university is considered to be a flagship college, which belongs to the University System of Maryland. It is also seen as a public Ivy Institution, enjoy a good reputation nationwide. The college has enrolled 26,876 undergraduate students and 10,719 postgraduates in total. […]

University of Arizona

OVERVIEW University of Arizona is a public institution, also known as a space-grant public university for higher education. This university enrolls both undergraduate students and postgraduate students. In 2012, the number of its undergraduate enrollment has reached 30,592, while its postgraduate enrollment has reached 8,421. UA is founded in the year of 1885, making it […]

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