How to make your decision after the colleges make theirs?

Visit Each Campus

Perhaps you have already visited all the schools to which you applied once, just to get an idea of whether you wanted to go there or not. Well, now that you have been accepted, it’s a good idea to go back and look at each school with fresh eyes. You may have changed personally during the year, and you may notice new things about a school that you didn’t see the first time, when everything was a bit more up in the air. Really try to talk to some students and get a better idea of what the social life on campus is like. Sit on classes and talk to professors. Visit the libraries, laboratories, and sports facilities and try to imagine what it might be like to spend four years in this place.

Review Your Priorities

Ask yourself again what you really want from your college experience. What are the most important aspects of college to you? Do you want small class sizes? A good sports program? Do you already know what you want to study? How good is the major program? Do you want to be a bigger school or a smaller one? A school in a big city or out in the country? What will the weather be like in this place? Is weather an important factor for you? Do you want o be somewhere close to home or as far away as possible? Revisit these questions and decide what is most important to you. Draw up a list of pros and cons for each school.

Compare Financial Aid Packages

Money matters. It is very important for you to compare the different financial aid packages that you have been offered by the colleges that have accepted you. Go through each award letter and figure out how they calculated Cost of Attendance and how the money you have been offered will be disbursed to you. Different colleges may have different ways of calculating these things. You may discover that one school has offered you a much better deal than another. The last thing you want to do is graduate from college with a gigantic amount of student debt hanging around your neck. If one school is offering you’re a significantly better financial aid package than another, you really ought to think of how that could help you after you graduate, by leaving you will fewer financial obligations to meet.

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